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Environmental Policy

Subject of environment care is a priority for STUDIO761 company in its everyday work. We act based on following rules:

  • Running a business in compliance with acting laws and norms for protection of environment.
  • Rational use of electric energy, heating and water. In our STUDIO every light is LED. After closing each source of energy is shut down - not left on standby. We use photovoltaic installation to save energy and reduce carbon footprint. 
  • Segregation and reducing number of waste.
  • Use of energy-saving machines.
  • Education and action of workers for protection of environment in everyday work, for example we do not use single use products.
  • Cooperation with suppliers lead by similar values in terms of environment protection.
  • Producing durable clothing, to serve a ling time.
  • More than 90% of office supplies used by us has Blue Angel certificate.


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